Create your trading account on Binance2020-04-19T17:37:35+07:30

 Create Account on Binance

Register your account2020-04-19T17:44:49+07:30

Register your account

Go to Binance website and click on “Register”

Register On Binace
Fill the subscription form2020-04-19T17:48:10+07:30
Slide the puzzle piece to the correct position2020-04-19T17:59:26+07:30
Open your email inbox and click on the confirmation link2020-04-19T18:03:59+07:30

Now you can login with the credentials you chose when you subscribed.
Before logging in always double check the URL:

2FA (Two factors authentication)2020-04-19T18:09:43+07:30

We strongly recommend to enable 2FA (SMS or Google Auth). We chose Google auth. in this tutorial.

On your phone Download the Google auth app corresponding to your phone OS2020-04-19T18:12:56+07:30
Add a new entry2020-04-19T18:15:14+07:30

Link the app to your google account, hit the + icon and choose “scan barcode”

Finalize 2FA2020-04-19T18:17:08+07:30

Enter your account password and the google auth. code :

KYC (Know Your Customer)2020-04-19T18:20:17+07:30

Before being able to send or withdraw money to Binance you need to verify your identity and address

Complete the form2020-04-19T18:23:32+07:30
Choose the type of document you want to use2020-04-19T18:25:20+07:30

We used ID card in this tutorial

Upload required documents2020-04-19T18:27:03+07:30

Upload front & back of your ID card then upload a picture of you. You may also be required to download the Binance app and take a selfie.

Buy Crypto with credit card on Binance2020-04-19T18:35:31+07:30

Learn how securely and rapidly buy cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETC, LTC & 100+ Cryptos)  with credit card on Binance

Next step : Buy Crypto2020-04-19T18:42:49+07:30

Send FIAT money (USD) and exchange it for cryptocurrency (BTC, ETH, LTC, …)

Login to Binance.com2020-04-19T18:46:23+07:30

Hover your profile picture in the top right corner and click Buy/Sell Crypto

Click on buy next to Simplex row.2020-04-19T18:49:28+07:30

You will have the choice to pay by credit card or bank transfer. Bank transfer is a bit cheaper but can take up to 3-5 business. Credit card payment is confirmed in 30 minutes.

Click on buy next to Simplex row.

Choose the amount2020-04-19T18:52:03+07:30

Choose the amount of bitcoin you want to purchase and click on BUY

Confirm you order2020-04-19T18:53:27+07:30
Complete your payment2020-04-19T18:56:08+07:30

Complete your payment information and click on PAY NOW

Next step : Start Trading2020-04-19T18:58:02+07:30

Start trading and make profits

Register your account

Go to Binance website and click on “Register”

Register On Binace